A Brand New Year!

A Brand New Year!

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Photo by Sue Weaver

Yesterday Uzzi and I got to eat the Christmas tree. Yum! While we were munching, we heard Mom say it’s almost time for the New Year to begin.

Uzzi and I asked Mom what we can do to celebrate. She says to make New Year’s resolutions—like resolving not to pee in my face when I’m in rut. Uzzi sniggered. That resolution wouldn’t be much fun.

So, when Mom and Dad went to bed, we crept to the house and booted up the computer to see what New Year is all about.

We visited our favorite information site, Wikipedia. This is what we learned.

In ancient Rome, the New Year was celebrated around March 1, but in 1582, along came the Gregorian calendar (that’s the one we use today) and now New Year falls on January 1.

But our New Year isn’t the only one humans celebrate around the world. For instance, Chinese New Year falls on February 14 this year; Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) will be on September 9 and 10; and the Islamic New Year isn’t until next December 7.

The ancient Celts called what we call Halloween, Samhain. Some historians say Samhain was their New Year, others say that New Year fell on Yule. Lots of other calendars are used around the world. You can read about them at Wikipedia (Uzzi and I learn lots of new things when we visit!)

Here in America, humans celebrate New Year’s Eve by having parties, but in other places, fireworks are the norm. Uzzi and I don’t like fireworks (our neighbors shoot them off at the Fourth of July), so we think a party with paper hats and treats to eat is the way to go. Hey, maybe my Internet girlfriends, Isis, Anat and Faith could come!

But first, those pesky New Year’s resolutions. Uzzi and I don’t know what to write down. Mom says she resolves to spend more time training us goats and the sheep-geep, Mopple, this year. Yay! She also wants to write at least two new books.

Dad resolves to finish the cabin this year. Ursula the sheep says she’s going to trot around the pasture every day, eat less and lose 10 pounds. Carlotta resolves not to root up the yard if she gets out of her pen. Jadzia resolves not to stick her head in hay bale plastic mesh.

What do YOU resolve for the year 2010? Post a comment. Uzzi and I want to know!

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